Who joins Will in the elevator on the second floor?

As Will rides the elevator to the lobby, he is joined by several ghosts: Shawn’s friend Buck who was killed by Frick in a gang initiation, Will’s childhood friend Dani who was killed when they were eight, Will’s Uncle Mark who died in a bad drug situation, Will’s father Mikey who tried to kill Mark’s killer and died …

Who joins Will in the elevator on the fifth floor?

The elevator stopped on the fifth floor next. Will’s Uncle Mark entered. Will recalled the two stories that his mother had told him about his uncle. The first was about the movie Uncle Mark wanted to film with Will’s parents.

Does will kill Riggs in Long Way Down?

The rules are clear: no crying, no snitching, revenge. Will is about to take care of rule 3. He’s never shot a gun before but he gets Shawn’s gun from the drawer, tucks it into his waistband and heads out to kill Riggs, who he is convinced was the one who killed his brother.

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How did Wills dad die in Long Way Down?

Buck was killed when a man named Frick attempted to rob him. Around the time of his death, he passed his gun down to Shawn, along with the chain that Shawn was wearing when he died. In death, Buck is a jokester and doesn’t take Will’s desire for revenge seriously.

Who killed Wills dad in Long Way Down?

On the third floor, Frick whose real name is Frank, steps onto the elevator. He was a member of the Dark Sun gang who murdered Buck as part of his initiation into the gang. It was Frick whom Shawn murdered. Frick shows Will the reality of what he’s about to do by showing him his wound, made by Shawn when he shot him.

How did Uncle Mark die?

Though Mark started to film, he lost his camera before he could finish. To make the money for a new camera, he began selling drugs. This led to Mark being shot to death a few months later.

Why was Shawn killed in Long Way Down?

After killing a man named Frick, Shawn was shot on the street coming home from fetching his mother special soap for her eczema, presumably by whomever was trying to avenge Frick’s death.

What are the three reasons why Will thinks Riggs killed Shawn?

Shawn’s former friend, who Will thinks murdered Shawn. Will believes this because Riggs recently moved and joined a rival gang, the Dark Suns, and Shawn was killed in Dark Suns territory while on an errand to buy his mother special soap for her eczema. Riggs is short and handsome.

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What does the elevator symbolize in Long Way Down?

The elevator in Will’s building represents his sense of feeling trapped—trapped by “the Rules” of his violent neighborhood, and trapped in his grief over his brother Shawn’s death.

What does the L button symbolize in Long Way Down?

The L (lobby) button in the elevator symbolizes, much like the elevator itself, the horrendous fate that awaits Will if he chooses to step out of the elevator and into the lobby. Once Will reaches the bottom, he plans to avenge his brother Shawn’s death by shooting his killer, Carlson Riggs.

Did Shawn kill Frick?

Frick was shot and killed by Shawn in retaliation for Frick killing Buck. … Frick’s ghost horrifies Will by showing him the gunshot wound that Shawn gave him.

What is the message of Long Way Down?

Long Way Down explores the perpetuation of a cycle of violence and the theme of revenge. Compare the development of these themes in Reynolds’s novel to a classic revenge story like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Iliad, or The Count of Monte Cristo.

How old was Dani when she died in Long Way Down?

Dani was Will’s childhood best friend until she was accidentally killed at eight years old in a revenge shooting gone wrong.

Who did Frick kill in Long Way Down?

In Long Way Down, Frick is the next to the last ghost that Will encounters. Frick is the rival gang member who shot and killed Buck, the best friend…

Why does will dismiss what Buck tells him to do?

Why does Will dismiss what Buck tells him to do? He brings up the rules shawn taught him and he feels like older people don’t listen. What is a piece of evidence that Buck is right, and Will doesn’t have it in him to shoot someone?

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What does the middle drawer symbolize in Long Way Down?

The Middle Drawer Symbol Analysis. The middle drawer of Shawn’s dresser symbolizes the darkness and danger in Shawn himself. Will explains that the broken middle drawer was the only thing out of place on Shawn’s neat and tidy half of their bedroom—and furthermore, it contained Shawn’s gun.