What should the interior designer consider when designing an elevator lobby?

How do you design a lobby?

6 lobby design tips

  1. Select durable furnishings. Fancy chairs can be appealing, but not if they quickly turn shabby with use. …
  2. Manage traffic. Hospital access and egress are often complex, due to a higher-than-usual percentage of disabled visitors. …
  3. Emphasize wayfinding. …
  4. Control germs. …
  5. Keep floors dry. …
  6. Match scale, budget, and need.

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What is an elevator lobby?

The lobby to the elevator bank on the main floor of a building should be directly accessible from the building’s main entrance. In lobbies with two or more elevators, the call-button panel should be located between the elevators to provide ample access for all users. …

What is the dimension of lobby?

4 Lobby Size. Each enclosed fire service access elevator lobby shall be not less than 150 square feet (14 m2) in an area with a minimum dimension of 8 feet (2440 mm).

Do elevator lobby doors need to be fire rated?


The lobby shall separate the elevator shaft enclosure doors from each floor by fire partitions equal to the fire-resistance rating of the corridor and the required opening protection. Elevator lobbies shall have at least one means of egress complying with Chapter 10 and other provisions within this code.

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What is the purpose of a lobby?

Lobbying is performed by individuals or groups to pressure governments into policy actions. Lobbying is supported as a part of participatory democracy. Lobbying is important for a productive government. Lobbying is legally protected and is not the same as bribery.

What makes a good hotel lobby?

A good hotel lobby will include high quality Wi-Fi, as well as plenty of electrical outlets and USB ports. Guests need to be connected to their daily life. The hotel lobby is a comfortable place to check up on your email accounts after a busy day.

Can an elevator open into an exit stair?

1022.3 Openings and penetrations.

Openings in exit enclosures other than unprotected exterior openings shall be limited to those necessary for exit access to the enclosure from normally occupied spaces and for egress from the enclosure. Elevators shall not open into an exit enclosure.

What is a lobby in architecture?

A lobby is a space from which one or more other rooms or corridors can be accessed, typically found near the main entrance to a building. A lobby may be referred to as a vestibule, anteroom or foyer. …

How big is a hotel lobby?

Lobby. A minimum of 500 square feet of interior floor area shall be devoted for lobby. At least 50 percent of the lobby area is required to have a ceiling height of 12 feet.

What is House lobby?

A lobby is a room in a building used for entry from the outside. Sometimes referred to as a foyer, reception area or an entrance hall, it is often a large room or complex of rooms (in a theatre, opera house, concert hall, showroom, cinema, etc.) adjacent to the auditorium.

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