What is the abbreviation for elevator?

ELEV ELEVator Community » Housing & Amenities Rate it:
EL Elevator Miscellaneous » Construction Rate it:

What does FJB stand for?


Acronym Definition
FJB Foundation for the Junior Blind (Los Angeles, CA)
FJB Festival Jajanan Bango (Indonesia)
FJB Fuse Junction Box
FJB Forum Jual Beli (Indonesian: Buying and Selling Forum; Indonesia)

What is the full form of lift?

LIFT. Leading Into the Future Together.

What does ll stand for on an elevator?

LL stands for Lower Level (elevator)

What does Fjp stand for?


Acronym Definition
FJP Front des Jeunes Progressistes (French: Progressive Youth Front)
FJP Familial Juvenile Polyposis (genetics)
FJP Forensic Justice Project (National Whistleblower Center; Washington, DC)
FJP Forward Job Plan

What is an example of lift?

Lift is defined as to bring something up, raise or to end a mandated activity. An example of lift is to pick a child off of the floor. An example of lift is to cancel a debt and the need to make a monthly payment.

Can you give me a lift?

give someone a lift

and give someone a ride Fig. to provide transportation for someone. I’ve got to get into town. Can you give me a lift?

Who invented lift?

Elisha Otis, in full Elisha Graves Otis, (born August 3, 1811, Halifax, Vermont, U.S.—died April 8, 1861, Yonkers, New York), American inventor of the safety elevator.

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What does P stand for in elevator?

I’m pretty sure I recall a station where the platform elevator ran from T to E and the street elevator ran from M to E. In one case, the E clearly stands for exit. In the other case, the E stands for “mezzanine”. T stands for train, by the way, although that’s sometimes “P” for platform.

What is LL and UL?

Point estimates and lower limit (LL) and upper limit (UL) of 95% credible interval for sensitivity of diagnostic tests for B.