How much do elevator operators make?

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Elevator Operator Salary $32,866 US
50th Percentile Elevator Operator Salary $37,369 US
75th Percentile Elevator Operator Salary $43,396 US
90th Percentile Elevator Operator Salary $48,883 US

Do elevator mechanics make good money?

Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers

The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $44,620, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $124,150.

Are there any elevator operators left?

Buildings. With the advent of user-operated elevators such as those utilizing push buttons to select the desired floor, few elevator operators remain. … In more modern buildings, elevator operators are still occasionally encountered.

What is the average salary of a elevator mechanic?

Find out what is the average Elevator Mechanic salary

Entry level positions start at $32,175 per year while most experienced workers make up to $112,500 per year.

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Do process operators make good money?

A Process operator pay starts out between 65k and 85k per year. Now, this depends greatly on region, and the actual company, but if it is a real Process Operator job then this should be close. Now, this is speaking of base pay starting off, but if you hustle you can easily make another 10k to 30k.

How many elevator mechanics die annually?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that all those ups and downs result in a yearly average of 27 deaths. Unsurprisingly, those most at risk are the mechanics whose job it is to work on faulty elevators.

How dangerous is elevator mechanic?

Elevator installers and repairers are put at risk of falls from ladders, burns, and severe muscle strains associated with working in restricted spaces. A report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor reveals the most dangerous construction occupations and the five highest death rates.

Do elevator operators still exist?

Elevator operators are uniformed operators for elevators in large public or commercial buildings and hotels – a profession that is almost extinct. The elevator operator is as old as the lift itself.

Do you tip elevator operators?

Support staff like handymen and elevator operators are in the $20-to-$30 range. Adjustments should always be made according to seniority, and if you’re planning on doing any kind of renovation in the upcoming year, it’s in your best interest to give the super more than usual.

Why are there elevator operators?

When elevators were a relatively new addition to a building, people were not allowed to use them alone because they were so technical. … An ‘elevator operator’ would get passengers to the floor they need by pressing the desired floor, opening/closing the doors and controlling the speed/direction of the cab.

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How much does an elevator apprentice make?

Santa Rosa, CA beats the national average by $8,614 (17.3%), and Sunnyvale, CA furthers that trend with another $10,549 (21.2%) above the $49,833 average.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Elevator Mechanic Apprentice Jobs.

City Sunnyvale, CA
Annual Salary $60,382
Monthly Pay $5,032
Weekly Pay $1,161
Hourly Wage $29.03

How do you get into the elevator Union?

Five Steps to Enter an Elevator Mechanic Apprentice Program

  1. Step One: Complete a High School Education. …
  2. Step 2: Meet Physical Requirements. …
  3. Step Three: Choose Your Apprenticeship Program. …
  4. Step Four: Apply for an Apprenticeship. …
  5. Step Five: Pass the Apprenticeship Entrance Exam.

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How do I become an elevator apprentice?

Complete an Apprenticeship

Generally, the first step to becoming an elevator technician is to complete a five-year apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships provide a mixture of classroom lessons and on-the-job training. A high school diploma or the equivalent typically is needed to begin an apprenticeship program.

Is process technology a good career?

“This is an excellent career for high school students who may not be on a path to a four-year university,” he says. “They may have never considered it as a career choice, but it’s a great job and a field that’s in high demand.”

How long does it take to become a process operator?

3. How long does it take to become a Process Operator? The degree requires 60 hours of class room work sequenced over 4 full semesters or 2 calendar years. However, if developmental classes are required, they must be taken prior to completing some of the required degree coursework.

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How much does Exxon pay per hour?

The average ExxonMobil salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for Customer Service Associate / Cashier to $176,935 per year for Associate Engineer. Average ExxonMobil hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.00 per hour for Manager to $51.69 per hour for Human Resources Manager.