Can you egress through an elevator lobby?

The code prohibits the only means of egress from a room or space to be through an enclosed elevator lobby required by Section 3006. Where access to two means of egress is required, at least one path cannot be through the lobby.

Can an elevator open into an exit stair?

1022.3 Openings and penetrations.

Openings in exit enclosures other than unprotected exterior openings shall be limited to those necessary for exit access to the enclosure from normally occupied spaces and for egress from the enclosure. Elevators shall not open into an exit enclosure.

Does an elevator count as a means of egress?

To be considered part of an accessible means of egress, an elevator shall comply with the emergency operation and signaling device requirements of Section 2.27 of ASME A17. 1 and Section 1109.6.

What is an elevator lobby?

The lobby to the elevator bank on the main floor of a building should be directly accessible from the building’s main entrance. In lobbies with two or more elevators, the call-button panel should be located between the elevators to provide ample access for all users. …

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Do elevator lobby doors need to be fire rated?


The lobby shall separate the elevator shaft enclosure doors from each floor by fire partitions equal to the fire-resistance rating of the corridor and the required opening protection. Elevator lobbies shall have at least one means of egress complying with Chapter 10 and other provisions within this code.

Can you egress through another room?

1. Egress from a room or space shall not pass through adjoining or intervening rooms or areas, except where such adjoining rooms or areas and the area served are accessory to one or the other, are not a Group H occupancy and provide a discernible path of egress travel to an exit.

Do all means of egress need to be accessible?

Accessible means of egress are required from all accessible spaces. Spaces required to be accessible are established in Section 1103.1. In addition, those spaces not required to be accessible but provided with full access must be provided with accessible means of egress.

How many accessible means of egress are required?

The IBC requires at least one accessible means of egress and at least two accessible means of egress where more than one means of egress is required by other sections of the building code.

What does accessible egress mean?

Definitions (IBC 202):

Accessible Means of Egress: “A continuous and unobstructed way of egress travel from any accessible point in a building or facility to a public way.”

What should the interior designer consider when designing an elevator lobby?

What Things You Need To Know Before Lift Lobby Wall Design

  • Design Details. An elevator lobby should blend into its surroundings and elevator interior. …
  • Make Elevator Lobby More Than A Passageway. Elevator lobby is the transition area between the outside world and your building. …
  • Smart Use of Light. …
  • Accessible. …
  • Functional / Operational. …
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