What is a lorry mounted crane?

Truck-mounted crane and truck loader crane refer to a truck which has a crane either at the rear or just behind that cab which is used to load and unload goods from the truck’s deck. It’s sometimes called a Hiab after the original manufacturer.

What is truck mounted crane?

a self-propelled loading-unloading machine mounted on a truck body, with a working section consisting of a rotating cantilevered boom. Truck-mounted cranes are supported by supplementary supports (outriggers) while lifting cargo, in order to increase their stability. …

What is a Hiab crane?

Hiab is actually a brand name. It’s a word that has become common place in the haulage industry when referring to a lorry mounted crane or lorry loader.

Is a Hiab a mobile crane?

These modern hydraulic truck cranes are generally single-engine machines, with the same engine powering the undercarriage and the crane. … HIAB lorry hire is ideal for loading and unloading heavy objects from the back of the transport vehicle.

What is the difference between a crane and a boom truck?

These cranes are designed for a construction project’s early stages. They travel on rough terrain with large wheels. Whereas boom trucks can move independently, you must use a heavy haul trailer to transport rough terrain cranes.

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Is a boom truck considered a crane?

A boom truck (commercial truck-mounted crane) is defined as a crane consisting of a rotating superstructure (center post or turntable), a fixed or telescopic boom, operating machinery, and one or more operator’s stations mounted on a frame attached to a commercial truck chassis with a payload hauling capability whose …

What can a Hiab lift?

The Weights That HIAB Trucks Can Handle

  • Small HIABs. These include small and medium-sized trucks that are fitted with light-capacity HIAB loader cranes. …
  • Medium HIABs. …
  • Heavy-Lifting HIABs. …
  • Shipping containers. …
  • Construction work. …
  • Farm equipment. …
  • Portable units. …
  • Installations.

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What is Hiab delivery?

Hiab is a commonly used term for a lorry mounted crane, these type vehicles have a huge variety of uses often removing the need for forklifts or mobile cranes to be present at the collection and delivery sites, saving our customers large amounts of money.

Do you need a lift plan for a Hiab?

There is no legal requirement to create a lift plan for the use of a HIAB. Method statements and specific risk assessments are perfectly acceptable.

How much can a crane truck lift?

To achieve the 8,000 lbs load capacity, the crane must be at an 80 degree angle, with no extra extension (in this case, the boom will be raised 13 ft, without extension). If the crane remains in the same 80 degree angle, but it is extended to 20 ft, the maximum weight capacity decreases from 8,000 lbs to 3,500 lbs.

What is a loader crane?

Loader cranes help to load and unload trucks and other vehicles. … Various equipment (rope winch, rotator, gripper, crane fork) expands the loading crane’s field of application.

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What is Hiab training?

Hiab training teaches candidates how to load and unload from the back of a vehicle that has a lorry mounted crane attached. There is no difference between the two, Hiab is a popular brand name and has become synonymous with lorry mounted cranes.

Do you need a crane ticket to operate a Hiab?

The High Risk Work licence needed to operate a Vehicle Loading Crane over 10 metre tonnes is the CV. However when it comes to mobile crane licencing, a higher class of licence will incorporate other classes.

How long does a Hiab Licence last for?

ALLMI certification is valid for five years, after which time refresher training and assessment will need to be undertaken.

Does Hiab training count towards CPC?

Does HIAB training count towards CPC? Unfortunately, HIAB training does not count towards your CPC.