How many types of EOT crane are there?

There are mainly two types of EOT cranes- single girder EOT and double girder EOT.

How many types of cranes are there?

Mobile. There are four principal types of mobile cranes: truck mounted, rough-terrain, crawler, and floating.

What is LT and CT in Crane?

LT motion : Long Travel Motion. CT motion : Cross Travel Motion. Bridge : the structural portion on which the trolley/crab moves. LT End carriage : Structure which houses Long Travel Wheels. CT End carriage : Structure which houses Cross Travel Wheels.

What are the different types of ropes used in EOT cranes?

Crane types and ropes

  • Bridge crane. orange = hoisting rope. green = trolley rope. Telescoping crane. …
  • Straddle carrier. orange = hoisting rope. Lattice boom crane. …
  • Offshore crane. orange = hoisting rope. blue = boom pendant rope and adjusting rope. …
  • Excavating bucket / scrapers. orange = hoisting rope. blue = boom pendant rope and adjusting rope.

What is double girder EOT crane?

Double Girder EOT Crane have 2 Main Girders across the span. 2. It consist of Electric Hoist travelling on lower flange of Main Girder and not required rail for cross traveling. It consist of a crab mechanism travels above both girders run over cross travel rails with platform to maintain all parts of crab.

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What is the biggest crane in the world?

“Big Carl” is the biggest land-based crane in the world. Capable of lifting 5,000 tonnes at a radius of 40m. 250m tall in its tallest configuration. Supported by 52 counterweight containers – weighing 100 tonnes each.

What is a Crain?

1 : a large tall wading bird with a long neck, bill, and legs. 2 : a machine with a swinging arm for lifting and carrying heavy weights. crane. verb. craned; craning.

What is full form of EOT crane?

Electric overhead traveling crane or EOT crane is one of the most common types of overhead crane, or called bridge cranes, which consist of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap.

What are three functions of a crane?

The main purpose of a crane is to lift extremely heavy amounts of weight. A typical crane is equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains and sheaves.

Modern day cranes are used for:

  • Construction Materials.
  • Bridges.
  • Railroad Tracks.
  • Shipping Materials/Equipment.
  • Cars.
  • Scrap Metal.
  • Mobile Homes.

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What are the main parts of a crane?

The Various Functions of Mobile Crane Parts

  • The Driving Components. In any mobile crane, one of the common components will be the driving system used to make it mobile. …
  • The Operator’s Cabin. The operator’s cabin houses all of the crane’s controls. …
  • The Boom. …
  • Hoist and Hook. …
  • Hydraulic Pump. …
  • Outriggers and Counterweights.

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What is the strongest type of wire rope?

Dyneema is the world’s strongest fiber producing ropes that are 15 times stronger than steel wire ropes of the same weight and has become one the most trusted fiber ropes over generic HMPE ropes and steel cable wire ropes for all rigging, maritime, mooring, and towing rope applications.

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What is the difference between Strand and wire rope?

Wire ropes are usually ⅜” in diameter or larger, while cables or cords are smaller. … A strand is made up of two or more wires twisted around a center wire. Each strand is made up of 7, 19, or 37 wires. Cable or wire rope is made when a group of strands is twisted around a center wire or rope.

What does Iwrc mean in wire rope?

IWRC = Independent wire rope core.

Which motor is used in overhead crane?

While series DC motors consume more power than PMDC motors to produce their electromagnetic field, they’re powerful, efficient at high speeds and produce the most torque; hence, they are used for heavy duty winches. Shunt DC motors are used in constant speed applications, 18 such as reel drives.

How does EOT crane work?

EOT Crane Working Principle

1. … The ring gear of drum transmit driving force to drum set, then through wire ropes and pulleys drive crane hook up and down, so as to finish the lifting of the heavy objects up and down. 2. Transmission of crane Trolley traveling system: the driving force of crane trolley is from motor.

What is span of Crane?

The crane span is the measured center-to-center distance between the runway beams. … An overhead crane’s span is essentially its width across the bay—or the measured center-to-center distance between the runway beams.