How far can a crane lift a pool?

Can you Crane a pool over a house?

A crane is required to lift the pool into the hole. … For example, if you need to lift the pool over your house you will need a crane with a much greater height and weight capacity than if you’re simply lifting it straight into the hole.

How close to a boundary can you build a pool?

A good rule of thumb is to position the pool at least 1000mm from the boundary. Homeowners usually choose to landscape within this boundary area to enhance the overall space.

How much access is needed for a pool?

To consider access as a “wide open” category, it must be at least 14 ft wide and 14 ft high. However, keep in mind that the roof overhang may limit the height of the entrance. This type of ‘wide open’ access allows us to use more equipment and adds less to the cost of inground pool installation.

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Is my backyard big enough for a pool?

Your swimming pool should only take up about a quarter of your backyard, at most. By contrast, a pool that’s smaller than a quarter of the total back yard’s size may look awkwardly small, unless you use large and lush landscaping to break the expanse and make the pool area look more proportional.

How much does it cost to Crane a hot tub over a house?

The cost of crane delivery will vary depending on location and obstacles but expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1500. The whole process is about 30min to an hour.

How much does it cost to excavate a pool?

Pool Excavation Costs

On average, expect excavation costs to range from $500 – $3,500, with an additional $200 – $400 for dirt hauling and $600 – $7,200 for blasting very rocky terrain.

Can a boundary fence be a pool fence?

Can a boundary fence be a pool fence? If a boundary fence is used as a pool barrier, then this must be at least 1800mm in height. If the fence has vertical members, then these cannot be more than 100mm apart, horizontal members no less than 900 mm apart.

How close to the boundary can I build?

You cannot build a house (or other structure) closer than 2 metres to a boundary that you share with a neighbour. Height (building) recession plane: Recession planes are lines that proceed at an angle from the horizontal, measured from any point 2.5 metres vertically above ground level along site boundaries.

Can you put a pool in your front yard?

Buyers don’t want pools in the front yard. There is more privacy in the backyard. Your house may actually sell for less because of a front yard pool. Avoid perverts looking through holes in the front fence to check you out.

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What do you do if you have too much dirt in your pool?

What Do I Do With My Excess Dirt?

  1. Fill low spots on your property and correct drainage. …
  2. Create berms to use as sight barriers. …
  3. Raise Elevations. …
  4. Build Raised Gardens. …
  5. Build a Retaining Wall. …
  6. Hire a Dirt Removal Contractor. …
  7. Build a sandbox for your kids. …
  8. Amend any packed garden soil with sand.

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How much does it cost to build a small pool?

You can spend as little as $1,000 for a small above-ground pool to $150,000 or more for a custom inground pool with water slides, stone walkways and state-of-the-art pumps, filters and other equipment. Safety features such as fencing and annual maintenance all add to the cost of building a swimming pool.

Can you dig a pool with a bobcat?

4. Dig the Shoebox. … You can dig this part of the pool using a front loader, or a small Bobcat type of skid steer loader. A skilled operator will have an easier time than one who is not, however, if there is room to move around, even amateurs can successfully dig a pool.

Is a 15×30 pool big enough?

Most rectangular pools are about twice as long on one side as they are on the other, with an average depth of around 5.5 feet.

Is a 15×30 pool big enough?

Standard In-Ground Pool Volumes in Gallons by Size
14×28 10,300 11,800
15×30 11,800 13,500
16×32 13,400 15,400
18×36 17,000 19,400

What is a good size backyard pool?

For a family of six to eight people, an 18 foot by 36-foot pool is recommended. This should be sufficient to avoid crowding and allow for the playing of games. Rectangle shaped pools look best for this size.

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How big of a pool can I fit in my yard?

Typical sizes vary by region of the country and backyard space, but most private inground U.S. pools range from 14 to 20 feet wide and 28 to 40 feet long. … However, some kinds of pools require more space, such as lap pools, diving pools, and pools with a large shallow end or children’s play area.