Can you use a boom lift as a crane?

Can You Use a Boom Lift as a Crane? Boom lifts and cranes are made for different jobs, and therefore, not designed to perform the same tasks. A boom lift does not have the same lifting and moving power as a crane, and a crane is unable to accommodate workers.

What is the difference between a crane and a boom truck?

These cranes are designed for a construction project’s early stages. They travel on rough terrain with large wheels. Whereas boom trucks can move independently, you must use a heavy haul trailer to transport rough terrain cranes.

Can you use a boom lift as an anchor point?

The Genie guidance letter also allows the boom to be used as a fall restraint device. This enables operators to exit the platform to perform work on structures, as long as the pitch is no greater than 4:12 (18°), while using the boom platform as a tie-off anchor.

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What is a boom lift used for?

A boom lift is essentially a type of aerial work platform used by personnel to reach high places. A basic boom lift consists of a platform, or bucket, with a long, jointed crane run by a hydraulic lift system and attached to a grounded base.

Do you need certification to operate a boom lift?

Workers must complete a certification process to operate a boom lift. In fact, it is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). … Workers who have completed OSHA-approved training receive a Certified Operator card.

How much can a crane truck lift?

To achieve the 8,000 lbs load capacity, the crane must be at an 80 degree angle, with no extra extension (in this case, the boom will be raised 13 ft, without extension). If the crane remains in the same 80 degree angle, but it is extended to 20 ft, the maximum weight capacity decreases from 8,000 lbs to 3,500 lbs.

Do you need a CDL to drive a boom truck?

Required Licensing

A driver must have a CDL to operate a vehicle with a gross weight over 26,000 lbs. So, bucket trucks or digger derricks weighing less than 26,000 lbs will be legal to operate without a commercial driver’s license.

Does OSHA require a harness in a boom lift?

Employers must ensure that employees using personal fall arrest systems while working on aerial lifts at heights six feet or more above a lower level comply with §1926.502(d) of subpart M, specifically: … Use of a body harness with a lanyard (fall arrest system).

Why you shouldn’t wear a harness in a scissor lift?

For instance, if a scissor lift operator is wearing a harness and goes over a lift’s guardrail, he or she could inadvertently create enough force to cause the machine to tip over. In this scenario, the operator could put himself or herself and bystanders in danger.

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Can you tie off to a boom lift?

Section 1926.453(b)(2)(v) states that when tying off on an aerial lift, the lanyard shall be tied off “to the boom or basket when working when working from an aerial lift.”

How high can a boom lift go?

Telescopic boom lifts can reach greater heights than their articulating counterparts. While many models can safely lift personnel or equipment to a height of 130 feet, you can now purchase a telescopic boom lift with a capacity of up to 185 feet.

What is the difference between a cherry picker and boom lift?

Physical Differences

A Cherry Picker is a trailer mounted boom lift with four outrigger legs which can be towed to a location. A Boom Lift is generally self-propelled, meaning it can be driven around and used on the job whilst elevated in the air but must be transported from site to site by a truck.

Why is it called a boom lift?

The History of Boom Lifts

Thornton-Trump called the boom lift the Giraffe, but the name cherry picker stuck because people often used it to pick fruit, including cherries, from tall trees in orchards. … Some boom lifts can even move like a crane to reach up and over obstacles.

How long is a boom lift certification good for?

Renewal training for aerial lift certification is required every three years; this is based on OSHA mandates. So, if your aerial lift certification expiration date is approaching, you should renew your certification right away — or risk non-compliance with OSHA requirements.

How do I get certified to boom lift?

Here’s all it takes for your workers to receive their OSHA-approved lift operator certifications:

  1. Create an Account. There’s no charge to enroll your company. …
  2. Register Each Operator. …
  3. Students Log in to the Company Account. …
  4. Take the Test. …
  5. Download Operator Cards and Onsite Evaluation Checklists. …
  6. Pass the Hands-On Evaluation.
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How much is a boom lift rental?

On average you can expect to pay between $190 – $400 per day to hire a boom lift depending on the model variation, fuel option and height requirements.